Rose Tremain

2012 Shortlist

Rose Tremain was born in 1943 in London. She studied English Literature at the University of East Anglia and later went on to teach creative writing there from 1988 to 1995, she was appointed Chancellor in 2013.

In 1983 Rose Tremain was chosen as one of the ‘20 Best of Young British Novelists’ by the literary magazine Granata and has not disappointed since. In 2009, she donated the short story The Jester of Astapovo to Oxfam's "Ox-Tales" project, four collections of UK stories written by 38 authors. Her story was published in the 'Earth' collection.

Rose has taught creative writing alongside writing novels, short stories, radio and television plays and in 2007 was awarded a CBE. She lives in Norfolk.

    Wellcome Book Prize Achievement

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      By Rose Tremain