Winner of the Wellcome Book Prize 2016: ‘It’s All in Your Head’ by Suzanne O’Sullivan

Congratulations to Suzanne O’Sullivan, the 2016 Wellcome Book Prize winner for ‘It’s All in Your Head’

After weeks of celebrating all six books on the remarkable shortlist, Suzanne O’Sullivan has been announced as the winner of the Wellcome Book Prize 2016 for ‘It’s All in Your Head’.

‘It’s All in Your Head’ is Suzanne’s first book, a focused look at the range of debilitating illnesses that are medically unexplained. We all exhibit physical responses to emotion – from blushing and laughter to palpitations and stomach ache – yet sometimes these expressions can be much more debilitating, causing seizures, paralysis and even blindness, and the stigmatisation associated with such a diagnosis is profound.

Submissions for the 2017 Wellcome Book Prize are now open. Download an entry form here.

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